Alexis Mifsud

Alexis Mifsud

Post-doctoral Researcher



My first research internship took place in 2013, in the RAP team of LAAS-CNRS under the supervision of Patrick Danès. I received my master degree in electrical engineering and automatics from INP-ENSEEIHT in 2014. After a second research internship at LAAS-CNRS in the Gepetto team under the supervision of Florent Lamiraux and Mehdi Benallegue, I got a PhD in humanoid robotics int the same team in 2017. From May 2018 to December 2020 I was research engineer at INRIA in Grenoble under the supervision of Pierre-Brice Wieber. Since February 2021 I’m a post-doctoral researcher at the ENSTA Paris engineering school, in the SSH team of the U2IS laboratory, under the supervision of Alexandre Chapoutot and Julien Alexandre Dit Sandretto.

  • Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Interval Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Control
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Humanoid Robotics
  • PhD in Robotics, 2017

    LAAS-CNRS, Gepetto - Toulouse, France

  • Electrical Engineering and Automatics, 2014

    INP-ENSEEIHT - Toulouse, France


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